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Professional OTT Monitoring and Analysis Solutions

Vq HLS Monitor Desktop

Professional desktop tool to monitor and analyze HLS Live streaming

For software engineers

Who develops own/custom streaming solution or integrates the existing ones

For QA engineers

Who perform tests and checks of created streaming solution

For managers

Who want to see a visual representation of how their product works

For service engineers

Who prepare streaming service to launch to make sure the system is really ready for smooth launch

For operational engineers

To make sure the streaming event goes smooth and with no issues

For QoS engineers

To collect comprehensive analytics data if something went wrong

Multiplatform tool

Same look and behaviour on any device

Vq Cloud OTT Monitor

Coming soon in October 2019...

About ViCue Soft

ViCue Soft is a software technology company in the spheres of video quality analysis, transcoding and machine learning. The synergy of our expert knowledge in video compression and artificial intelligence innovation gives our customers the unique opportunity to pay less and get more video quality.

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